How does Natural calcium carbonate contribute to the sustainable development of the paper industry?

Publish Time: 2024-01-13
Natural calcium carbonate is an important filler and coating material that is widely used in the paper industry. It has the following main advantages:
Increase the whiteness and gloss of paper: Natural calcium carbonate can be used as a coating and primer to form a uniform smooth layer on the surface of the paper, significantly improving the whiteness and gloss of the paper.
Reduce papermaking costs: Natural calcium carbonate can be used as a filler as a cheap alternative in the papermaking process, reducing papermaking costs. Compared with other fillers, the price of Natural calcium carbonate is relatively low, which can greatly reduce the production costs of paper companies.
Improve the mechanical properties of paper: Because Natural calcium carbonate has a stable micron-sized particle size and layered structure, it can increase the strength and hardness of the paper and improve the mechanical properties of the paper.
Improve the color rendering of ink: Natural calcium carbonate can improve the color rendering of ink, making the printing quality better. It is very useful for paper in applications with high printing quality requirements.
Environmental protection: Natural calcium carbonate is a natural mineral. The excavation and production process cause little environmental pollution and have a high recycling rate, which meets the requirements of modern environmental protection.
In short, it can be said that Natural calcium carbonate has significant advantages such as relatively cheap price, improved paper quality and increased mechanical strength. It is widely used in the paper industry and has environmentally friendly natural properties.

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